Law Enforcement in the Riverstone Community

Recently, we have received several questions related to law enforcement within the Riverstone community, and we want to provide clarity on the limited role the MUDs play in that area.

  1. MUDs are not responsible for law enforcement – MUDs can only provide resources (typically funding) to assist law enforcement agencies of the County or City.
  2. The entities with primary responsibility for crime prevention and law enforcement (patrolling, schedules, procedures, etc.) in Riverstone are:
    • Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department for MUDs 128, 129, and 149
    • City of Missouri City Police Department for MUD 115
  3. The Riverstone MUDs give funding to local law enforcement agencies for supplemental patrolling within Riverstone. Their current contract for these services is with the Fort Bend County Constables (Pct 4) office.
  4. If you have any concerns related to law enforcement in Riverstone, you should address your questions directly to the responsible entities: the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department, Fort Bend County Constable Precinct 4, or the City of Missouri City Police Department.  They have the ability to change the current patrolling or other law enforcement practices in Riverstone.
  5. Please note that any private security resources outside of the framework described above would need to be done with the approval of your HOA.